Apple iPad Mini Review

When Apple iPad Mini was rumoured many people considered it as a promotional strategy from Apple. Everyone was imagining about a smaller and cooler version of the famous iPad. Finally, it was a reality and many fans were disappointed by the features and 1GHz Dual Core processor. However, it is not a bad tablet considering the quality and design. Apple iPad Mini is a pure example of Apple’s R&D team hard effort to take over smaller screen tablets. However, it offers 7.9” inch screen size, which is more vibrant than Asus Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire HD. There are two versions of iPad Mini available; GSM and tablet with no support for calls and sms.

Practically, you will not feel much difference when you are using an Android tablet and iPad Mini. However, if you are an iPad 4 user, then you will disappoint a lot. It has good build quality and has aluminium finish on the back and sides too. There are two cameras 5 mega pixels back camera and front facing 1.2 mega pixel camera, which offers good image quality. The Dual Core processor offer good multi-tasking and does not lag.

Resolution & Display

Apple iPad Mini has 7.9 inch IPS LCD, which offer good resolution of 1024×768 pixel and 162ppi pixel density. It is the same specifications as in iPad 2, but it is much sharper and having no retina display. It is not the cheapest tablet and critics say it should have retina display. If you are already using iPad 3, 4 or iPhone 4s, 5, then you will see the big difference in image quality in iPad Mini. It can be disappointing for you, but not many people have iPad and iPad mini altogether.


Apple is criticized for using the old iPad 2 chip in Ipad Mini because it is two generations old. It has A5 chip 1Ghz with 512MB RAM and Google Nexus 7 offer Quad Core performance and 1GB RAM in much lower price. However, you won’t be able to feel the slow performance because iOS is designed to be faster and can handle multi-tasking without any lag. Apple is planning to upgrade iPad Mini to iOS 7. Apple introduced a new era in mobile browsing back in 2007 and they are intended to lead it with fast browsing experience for iPad Mini users.

Storage & Space

Apple iPad Mini is available in 16GB/32GB and 64GB options and you cannot expect an external memory card slot from Apple. They have a tradition of offering no external memory card space in any of their products. You are limited by memory and cannot store too many movies in your iPad and 64GB version is definitely going to cost you more.

Build Quality

Apple tends to offer highest build quality in their products and iPad Mini follows the tradition with Aluminium back and sides too. The home screen button is the smallest compared to iPhone and the iPad. Some user complains that it gets un-responsive and you have to press hard to get it working.

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Pros: Amazing Design, Good Battery Timing, Light weight and portable, Good camera quality, High build quality
Cons: Very expensive than Android tablets, No retina display, Old iPad 2 chipset, No SD Card slot, Low resolution 162ppi

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