Samsung and BlackBerry form partnership to Provide Security Features for Android

Smartphone making companies Samsung and BlackBerry had announced today that they will be teaming together to provide an extremely secure environment for the Android operating system. As of early next year, customers who use their devices in an enterprise environment will be given a security solution that will combine the best features of both companies and end up delivering a high augmented security landscape to the Android platform.

Combining the features of BlackBerry’s cross-platform EMM solution along with Samsung’s KNOX technology, security contingencies will highly improve on the Android OS, which has gained significant amounts of notoriety when it comes to bringing in unwanted malware and other compromising threats in to the platform. In addition, Google’s Android Lollipop 5.0 update will feature improved security as well, upgrading the overall security of the platform.

Using its KNOX technology, Samsung has been able to deliver its Galaxy line-up of smartphones and tablets that come with assimilated safeguards that protect sensitive information at enterprise levels through the use of hardware and software based protection. While BlackBerry gained some financial success through the selling of its flagship Passport smartphone, the company’s leading cross-platform enterprise mobility management (or EMM for short) solution creates a highly secure infrastructure.

With the new security solution, there will be several advantages. For one thing, business and personal data will be kept separate. This will improve overall security without compromising the personal privacy of employees. In addition, core security enhancements will be present in applications and they will be present right down to the kernel. While none of the companies made any revelations regarding the pricing of the service, they did mention that enterprise customers should be keeping an eye out in 2015. As for the terms of the service, Samsung will be reselling BlackBerry’s BES12 to customers while BlackBerry will be offering KNOX support that will be a part of the BES12 ‘Gold family’ subscriptions.

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