Samsung Galaxy Note 4 LTE-A Version Announced: 300 Mbps Download Speed

If consumers thought that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was already a behemoth when it came to processing and wireless networking power, Samsung’s upcoming upgraded Note 4 has another thing in store for them. The largest smartphone maker in the world announced that it is currently working on releasing another phablet of the same name that will provide a higher download speed when connected to a carrier network. The current variant of the Galaxy Note 4 supports the supports LTE-A with dual-band carrier aggregation, which results in speeds of 150 Mbps.

While that may sound fast, the upcoming version of the Galaxy Note 4 features not two, but three bands that will be able to provide twice the download speed of the current version, which is 300 Mbps. While the maximum download speeds of the latest version of the Galaxy Note 4 is equivalent to Cat 6 LTE modem already present in different models, the upcoming variant will actually support the Cat 9 LTE modem, which provides a maximum speed of 450 Mbps.

The only reason why the maximum download speed is not going above 300 Mbps is because the 450 Mbps download bandwidth will not make its way till 2015. Regardless, we believe that possessing a smartphone that will provide the user with 300 Mbps of download speeds through carrier speeds is downright impressive. A file that possesses a size of 700 MB, will be downloaded in 19 seconds or less, provided the speed remains constant. However, another requirement that will need to be taken care of is that in order to reach those speeds, the user will have to be connected to a signal tower that supports three bands instead of two.

Since the Note 4 will possessing better carrier networking speed, you can expect the price tag to be a lot higher compared to the original Note 4. Will you invest your hard earned money in the upcoming version of the Galaxy Note 4 or do you believe that 2015 has more smartphones that are more worthy of your interest? Let us know in the comment banks below.


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