Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: Features and Specifications

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung’s efforts of bringing in a brand new platform of innovative features to a smartphone started pooling in after the company released the Galaxy S4. Since then, the leading Android phone maker has tried its luck by bringing in an array of devices that would exude performance as well as display a touch of innovation. Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge is one such device that combines the best of both worlds to bring to the technological populace the world’s first ever, curved edge display.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Features

The aesthetics of the device are no less different than the previous smartphones the company has released so far. Coming to the display side of things, the Note Edge might possess a screen size that is smaller than its phablet sized counterpart, the Note 4 (by 0.1 inches), but the device has a far detailed resolution. The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge possesses a 1600p resolution, compared to the Note 4’s 1440p display. However, exciting as it maybe for users to view crisp ‘eye candy’ content on a high resolution smartphone, it will only spell disaster for the battery life of the device. The Galaxy Note Edge is equipped with a 3,000 mAh battery, 220 mAh less than its larger screen size cousin. Under regular usage, the battery life will be sufficient to power on the device for an entire day. Anything adventurous will end up depleting it in a matter of hours.

As for the hardware specifications, it isn’t surprising for the Galaxy Note Edge to be running Qualcomm’s flagship chipset, the Snapdragon 805. Considering the display resolution, the phone will need all the processing power that it can get its hands on. Aiding the chipset will be 3 GB of RAM, which will be sufficient enough to handle all multi-tasking loads. Unlike the Galaxy Note 4, the Galaxy Note Edge comes in two internal capacity models; a 32 GB and a 64 GB one. Users also have the option of adding up to 128 GB of expandable storage. Keeping in mind the large external storage capacity being granted to smartphone users, purchasing the 32 GB model will be the most resourceful option. The 16 MP camera present at the rear side of the device augments the image taking capabilities of the mobile device and comes with an abounding number of features that will become a supplement to the overall image quality.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

For potential buyers, the curved edge of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is more than just providing the device with an embellished look. In fact, the curved edge of the smartphone possesses a variety of contextual controls, app shortcuts, and notifications. Users who take advantage of this feature will be able to view the aforementioned elements on the fly without switching over to a new window. In addition, the S Pen added to the smartphone bundle (the same one that comes with the Galaxy Note 4) provides additional functionality, courtesy of the company’s home grown Touch-Wiz interface. Before purchasing the phone, users should know that flat portion of the screen comprises of Gorilla Glass 3, while the curved edge is made up of a highly durable plastic.

Apart from the marginally smaller screen size, higher resolution, additional internal storage variants and a smaller capacity battery, the Galaxy Note Edge is just another Galaxy Note 4 with a fancy curved edge display. Smartphone fanatics who are used to purchasing flat screen devices can not only get a change of pace by purchasing a curved edged display, but it will also add a ton of flexibility to their notification swiping habits.

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