Samsung Galaxy S5 and Apple iPhone to Launch with Bezel Free Display

According to Korea Herald, rumours for Samsung Galaxy S5 and Apple iphone 6 to come with bezel free display. Samsung is unveiling the new Galaxy S5 in the event later this month in February 2014.


There is a speculation that Samsung Galaxy S5 will be rolling out with bezel free display with fingerprint scanner for their future smartphones.

According to Korea Herald source, Samsung Galaxy S5 will support bezel free display and fingerprint scanner that allow users to scan at the bottom of the display. It is also speculated the home screen button will be eliminated as we have seen on previous models of Galaxy series.

“The finger-scanning technology will be available on the bottom left and right sides, and not the entire display,” the source said.

It is not coming with full screen fingerprint scanning technology because there are technological hurdles. According to the source, it will be available later this year.

iphone-6 You can see the Apple iPhone 6 concept picture that shows bezel free display as well with fingerprint scanner.

Samsung is using new technology called ITO (Indium tin oxide) to make the slimmer smartphone. The single layered panel improves the display transparency level and increase the energy efficiency of the device.

It is now few weeks from Samsung Electronics event and we can wait if the rumours are true.

Apple is also working hard on new iPhone with larger display. The arch rival is expected to take down Samsung in the game of smartphone war.

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