Samsung Galaxy S6 Images Leaked – Rumoured to Be Real

Samsung Galaxy S6 official launch is coming soon in February or March 2015 and we are beginning to see many alleged images of the device. These new leaked photos of Samsung Galaxy S6 shows a full functioning device with a new wallpaper, but kind of same old design. Image quality is so poor that we cannot claim that the device in the pictures is original.

Samsung is feared about dropping profits and all eyes are on the Samsung Galaxy S6 because the Galaxy S5 was not as successful as previous Galaxy series smartphones. It was expected to be redesigned based on the latest features.

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Some of the leaked images are too poor to be true because there is no major design change other than bigger screen size from the previous version. The backside of the phone looks like a metal finish, but the front is similar to Galaxy S5.

There is no leaked specifications of any other features or hardware specs, but we have concluded a good list of features.

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As we know that Samsung Galaxy S6 to be redesigned under the project name “Zero”, but there was no update on these leaked images. However, the picture does show the metallic casing for the device. It looks like some random images are put from different sources.

If these are the real pictures of Samsung Galaxy S6, then it is a big disappointment for Samsung fans because there is not much to expect. On the other hand, Apple made a bold step by changing and redesigning the Apple iPhone 6. It turned out to be a successful decision as Apple surpassing Samsung smartphone war.

There will be more leaked images as we keep our eyes on the sources and brings better quality images.

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Galaxy S6 Alleged Leaked Photos (Unofficial)

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