Samsung Galaxy S6 Pictures Leaked – Better Quality This Time

Drama continues, as we move closer to March 1st event MWC. This time better quality Samsung Galaxy S6 pictures are leaked. New images show sleek and simple design. The round corners are kind of similar to Apple iPhone 6, but not everything. Samsung Is very serious to save their falling Galaxy S flagship.

To be honest, the design isn’t as good as we were expecting from Samsung. Features are good, but there are many gadget lovers who prefer a good design when buying a smartphone. One of the reasons for Apple and HTC to be famous is because of their design. HTC One M9 might steal the show from Samsung as their design is better.

Here to mention, the new leaked images show old Galaxy S5 wallpaper. Our editors commented, it maybe a test device by one of the employees or not even a real smartphone.

We assume it to be just a concept based on the renders and speculations.

Here are all the new leaked pictures of Samsung Galaxy S6 (These are just concept pictures not a real device).


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