Samsung Galaxy S6: What Buyers Need to Know

After the thorough disappointment of what we thought would have been an incredible smartphone, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 failed miserably, appalling critics, and customers in the process. After the company started showing cracks in its financial armor, the company is finally doing something that we believe was long overdue; bringing out a whole new design for the Galaxy S6. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is not only expected to outperform its predecessor by several miles, the company is going to make sure that the smartphone looks exceptionally beautiful doing so.

While Samsung spares no expense in incorporating its devices with state of art hardware, the one thing that we have always loathed from the leading smartphone maker in the world is that it always falls short when it comes to the build quality of the device. The company is planning on discarding its flimsy plastic exterior in place of a more sturdy, embellished and premium design. The Samsung Galaxy S6 was placed under Project Zero, which goes to show how far Samsung is going to regain its former glories.

Hardware specifications, features and other details

In addition to sporting a brand new design, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be shipping out in two variants; a Snapdragon 810 and an Exynos 7420 chipset variant. Both chipsets will possess octa-core processors and will be compatible with the 64 bit architecture. Earlier, there were rumors that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 chipset was facing production issues due to chipset overheating and GPU drivers but the leading mobile chipmaker has since refuted those claims, which only means that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be released on schedule.

What is getting us even more excited is that Samsung might even plan to showcase its upcoming flagship product at the Mobile World Congress 2015, which will be held in Barcelona for the course of four days. Since the company has not officially released the pricing details of the mobile device, there is a high possibility that we will get to witness all the Galaxy S6 has to offer at the MWC 2015. However, due to the premium design and the improvement in overall build quality, we feel that Samsung’s upcoming offering will also possess a higher initial price tag compared to the initial pricing of all of the company’s previous flagship products. So when the device does get released, prepared to carry cash that exceeds the amount of $649, if you’re looking to purchase an off-contract smartphone.

There is also a possibility that a Snapdragon 810 variant of the Galaxy Note 4 might make its way to the event, tipping the odds in the company’s favor once more. The one thing we would really like to see from the Galaxy S6 is the removal of the company’s homegrown TouchWiz and keyboard interface. After using several other keyboards and interfaces, we feel that Samsung will be doing itself and its loyal confederacy of consumers a huge favor if it discards these features in place of a newer and better feature; something along the lines of a pure Android experience.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Pictures

Samsung Galaxy S6 leaked

Not original but claimed to be Galaxy S6

There are a lot of concepts on the internet, but no original leaked photo is available. Here are few concepts and alleged leak photos.

The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S6 will feature an OIS chip, something that the Galaxy S5 was void of. This will help to stabilize the image and improve its quality even further, something that image taking aficionados like us will thoroughly appreciate. While there is no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be running Google’s Android Lollipop OS right out of the box, assimilating Samsung’s own interface dismantles the overall experience. If Samsung really wants to regain its lost smartphone market share, then adding useless apps (more commonly known as crapware or bloatware), its own interface and keyboard should be avoided at all costs.

While the Samsung Galaxy S5 ended up disappointing us to the core, we feel that the company is finally putting a majority amount of focus on its flagship device, which only means that Samsung is looking to make amends for upsetting the smartphone community. With 30 percent of its phone lineup deducted, all of us should be getting prepared to feast their eyes on Samsung’s best mobile product yet.

Are you as excited about the launch of Samsung Galaxy S6 as we are? What you think about the speculations and features? We will definitely be checking out this gadget pretty soon but do let us know your thoughts and insights about it.

Concept created by a website. Not original Samsung Galaxy S6 photo

Concept created by a website. Not original Samsung Galaxy S6 photo

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