Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S6 to be re-designed using codename: Project Zero

As impressive as the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 maybe, the Korean phone maker Samsung was not able to strike effectively and produce a substantial amount of profit with its current flagship smartphone and phablet devices. In fact, the company reported a 74 percent profit loss when compared to the sales performance of 2013, and a company-wide operating profit drop of 60 percent when compared with the same year. The egregious performance of the company has forced Samsung’s hands in to introducing a whole new re-design of its upcoming flagship device.

The company’s next big thing, or according to sources, the Galaxy S6 will be the product that will be given a whole new makeover by Samsung’s mobile devices’ design team. The smartphone will be re-designed under the codename: Project Zero. Previously, Samsung used simple letters as codenames for its flagship devices (Project J for the Galaxy S4, Project H for the Galaxy Note 3, Project K for the Galaxy S5 and Project T for the Galaxy Note 4) so when the leading Android smartphone maker places a whole word next to word ‘Project’, it means the company is on to something big.

Samsung Galaxy s6 Concept

Similar to the release date of the company’s previous Galaxy flagship brand of devices, Samsung will be looking at the month of March to officially ship the device. If it wants to make sure that the timeline remains unaltered, mass production of the Galaxy S6 should commence from January, which does not give the design team sufficient room for breathing when the entire re-designing of the product is concerned. Since the Galaxy S6 is in the early stages of development, no hardware specifications nor features could not be revealed. As the smartphone inches closer to its release date, more details will start to be revealed.

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