Self-Destructing Smartphone? BlackBerry and Boeing Working on a New Device

Self Destructing Boeing BlackBerry Black Smartphone

Have you ever imagine about self-destructing your smartphone? Well, now it is possible because BlackBerry and Boeing are working on a new technology. Yes, this technology will allow users to self-destruct their smartphone when it is stolen or lost.

BlackBerry reputation is tumbling, but it is famous for introducing secure devices in the market. The BlackBerry Passport is one of the examples with data protecting features. Boeing cannot find a reliable partner than BlackBerry to manufacture a device that can self-destruct.

Boeing Black Phone is being developed by Chicago based aerospace and defense contractor who will provide all the necessary equipment for the smartphone.

It is made for Government agencies where data security is very important. You might have imagined watching some Hollywood movie, but this phone is now coming to reality. Imagine yourself where you are working on top-secret mission and your data is compromised. We can only think about this device in movies or Government agencies. General users may have to wait longer to get such a device that can self-destruct.

It may not be available for the general public, but who knows that it might get sold on eBay? BlackBerry focus on data security and traditional smartphone design, which makes it a number one choice for Boeing to implement necessary features.

This new smartphone will feature Boeing logo rather than BlackBerry, but it will be running Android and contain all the necessary features provided by BlackBerry such as BlackBerry Enterprise Service 12. There is no information about the specifications and the launch date of the smartphone. However, it may not be offered to general public.

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