Smartwatches Are a Big Threat for Universities during Examinations

According to the news, universities are banning all kind of watches inside the examination halls because student may use them for cheating during their exams. Smartwatches are becoming famous day by day and youngsters loves to buy the shiny little gadgets. Apple Smartwatch is one of the many smartwatches that is very famous. It is difficult for universities to differentiate between a normal watch and smartwatches, as a result they are going to ban all kind of wrist watches.

Apple smartwatch banned by Universities

According to BuzzFeed, universities are banning all kind of watches inside examination halls because it may be a smartwatch connected to the internet. Students can access to millions of resources that could help them pass the exam. It is a big threat to conduct fair exams because a small wrist watch can be a full computer connected with a wifi. Last year, University of London said that smartwatches could be a problem during examinations in 2015. It is hard for invigilators to differentiate between a smartwatch and a normal watch. Also, invigilators cannot check every individual whether they are wearing a normal watch or a smartwatch.

According to BuzzFeed, London’s City University has joined with other British universities to stop the students from wearing any type of watch during the examination.

Apple Smartwatch is a mini-computer and not less than a small smartphone. It will raise concerns for all the universities in the world. It reminds us of smartphone wars when Apple launched iPhone for the very first time. Now Apple has done it again by launching their Smartwatch.

Students are also concerned about the decision because they will struggle to track the time as they are not allowed to bring phones or watches inside the examination halls. Our editor commented, “(While laughing) Maybe students should bring those old time pieces that were used to check time in 19 century”.

old time piece

Replacement for watches inside examination halls

We would like to hear your thoughts whether Universities should ban all the watches inside examination halls or just the smartwatches? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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