Sony Xperia Z4 Won’t be announced at MWC in March

Sony previously announced that they will focus on launching new versions of smartphones after every six months, but seems like they are not going to launch Xperia Z4 at MWC. Our focus was mainly on Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 Hima.

Sony took the decision to better respond to technological changes that are coming very fast. However, it seems like Sony is not living upto the expectations. Launching a new handset every 6 months is quite difficult because you have to undergo alot of testing before you can introduce a new version.

On the other hand, Apple is quite successful with its yearly launches and Apple is not even introducing any low end smartphone. Many Android based smartphone companies try to introduce different models of the smartphones for every budget and market.

Thus model is now going down as we see many Chinese smartphone manufacturers offering good features at low prices. Sony Xperia Z4 Was expected to launch at MWC, but there are no news at Xperia Blog.

Sony do have a booth in MWC, but there are no announcements or anticipation of new device. We have seen a lot of news about Samsung and HTC smartphones.

Let’s wait for the March 1st event to get the better picture because there is no press conference, but Sony will be announcing something on March 2nd.

Note: There is no confirmation whether they are not going to announce their flagship device Z4. Our editor tried to contact one of the representatives in press, but didn’t receive any invitation from Sony for big announcement.

Would you prefer to change your smartphone once every six months or a year? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.


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