Sony’s Head Wearable Resembles the Google Glass


Even though Google Glass is nearly out of the picture, who would have thought that Sony would pick up the mantle and continue down the road of producing a headset wearable? The latest product that the company is working on features a single-lens display module that if attached once to a pair of glasses, will be able to turn the device in to a smart gadget that will end up displaying useful visual information to the wearer.

The product is in many ways different compared to Google Glass. For starters, Google Glass came with a whole package including the eyewear gear whereas, Sony is aiming to fit its smart display module on to any pair of glasses so that it can easily be attached or detached to any pair, making the augmentation experience extremely simple and flexible.

The module will be equipped with a control board featuring Bluetooth, WiFi and the processor. The display will possess a resolution of 640 x 400 pixels. In order for the module to provide the same features as Google Glass, Sony is providing partner organizations with a software development kit. In order to save additional costs, we feel that Sony’s expertise in camera lenses and sensors would play a huge role in incorporating a quality one in the wearable.

Since Sony’s sensors are already present in Apple’s iPhones, there is a reason why the device’s cameras are able to produce impressive image quality despite possessing a low image resolution of just 8 MP. As for the actual module, Sony has claimed that it plans to showcase its offering at CES 2015 and will start mass production of the device later that year. Perhaps we will get to know about the pricing and additional details that currently elude our knowledge at the event.

Do you believe Sony’s currently unnamed module to be the perfect replacement for Google Glass? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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