Top 10 Apple iPhone Covers to buy in 2018 under $15

Apple iPhone is always in the news because of its fanbase and the number of units sold each year worldwide. We have compiled a list of hot selling iPhone cases that will protect your expensive Appleā€™s iPhone in under $15.

  1. Universal Sports Arm Band Casing

Most of your love to work out or go for a run in the morning or evening. It is quite a hassle to keep your iPhone in the pocket or in your hand during your workout. Thanks to the hot selling arm band casing that can solve your problem of carrying your iPhone. It is available for $12.99 with Free shipping and will solve your problem during running or work out.

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  1. Luxury Woven Design Casing

This luxury casing is made from hard PC and Soft TPU materials that protects your iPhone from dust. Make your iPhone feel more elegant and stylish. Available in just $12.99 with FREE Shipping in United States.

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  1. Luxury Flip Leather Casing

Luxury flip leather wallet full protection casing available for $16.99. This casing is included in the list because of the low price for such a multifunctional casing that allows you not to use your wallet again. Comes with Money slot, coin slot and multiple card slots. It has a flip that can be used as a stand to watch movies while working in the kitchen.

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  1. Retro Design Leather Casing

Everyone admires the good leather finished products and this casing fits the best on your Apple iPhone. Available in multiple colors for just $12.99 with Free Shipping in United States. This casing comes with multiple card slots, photo frame and stand function.

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  1. Universal Waterproof Casing

This casing is perfect for people who love water sport or want to spend their summer in the swimming pools. It allows you to take underwater pictures without fear of damaging your smartphone. Available for just $12.99 with FREE Shipping in United States. It fits all the Apple iPhone models and Android Smartphones under 6.0 inches. Comes with a glowing function that allows you not to lose your phone during water sport.

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  1. Carbon Fiber Stand Casing

This attractive modern casing is available for $11.99 with Free shipping in USA. Elegantly designed and made from high quality materials to protect your smartphone from dust and scratches. It comes with a carbon fiber stand.

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  1. Leather Wallet Case

Made from leather with good look and feel, this wallet case is perfect for daily use. It has card slots and a flip stand. Available for just $12.99 with Free Shipping in United States.

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  1. Ultra-Thin Heat Dissipate Casing

This stylish casing is made to standout and will make your iPhone a new life. Available in vibrant colors to match your taste. Its unique design dissipate heat when you are playing games or watching a movie on your iPhone. Available for just $9.99 with FREE shipping in United States.

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  1. Frosted Matte Casing

This casing is made to look vibrant while giving a good grip on your iPhone. Available in multiple colors to match your mood and priced at just $9.99.

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  1. Luxury Glass Case

This casing is our favorite and one of the hot selling casing of 2018. It has high gloss glass finish because of high quality tempered glass. It provides scratch protection and dust protection. Available for just $12.99 with Free Shipping.

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We hope you like our list of casings as these are carefully selected and listed on our website. All these are hot selling and limited in stock.

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