Top 10 Most Cheapest Smartphones to Buy in 2015

When smartphones began their global conquest on placing themselves in the hands of owners to provide them with the most convenient computing experiences in the world, only the most affluent of consumers could purchase them. Now, companies have started rolling out affordable smartphones that provide users with functionality and performance that is equivalent to the expensive flagships and best of all, they go easy on your wallet too. No longer will you have to face the repercussions of financial limitations as here; we present you with the best 10 cheapest smartphones to buy in 2015. Let’s have a look at the variety to watch out for when 2015 starts!

1. OnePlus Two

Expected to be launched in the 3rd quarter of 2015, the OnePlus Two will be loaded with impressive specifications (possibly a Snapdragon 810) and will be stamped with an unbeatable off-contract killer price tag similar to its predecessor. If the OnePlus Two features the same price tag as the OnePlus One, then it’s an automatic win-win situation for you guys (if the OnePlus One is still being sold). The company will start taking pre-orders for the device in 2015.

2. OnePlus One

Featuring an off-contract killer price tag of $299 for the 16 GB model and $349 for the 64 GB one, the OnePlus One is a device that will compel expensive smartphone owners to discard their devices and turn over to a new leaf; more towards to what is widely known as the ‘Nexus Killer’. Although the despised invite system will create a fuss for you people, there is no turning back at the specifications and features the device possesses.

3. Google’s Project Ara smartphones

Google’s infamous modular mobile devices will feature a starting price tag of $50, and will work its way up to the top, depending on how powerful the new component is. This will be extremely convenient for users who had to settle for devices which were void of one feature or the other. Project Ara devices will be running a modified version of Android Lollipop and its respective components will make their way to the Google Play Store, followed by retailers.

4. Moto G 2015 Edition

The classic price/performance smartphone, courtesy of Motorola will be one tough cookie to beat in the cheap smartphones category. Lenovo’s newly acquired firm will be looking to incorporate a 64 bit, low cost and low powered, next generation Snapdragon chipset to even the odds with the remaining competition, along with the same great functionality and pricing that it has adopted for its previous Moto G devices.

5. Moto G 2014 Edition

The release of the Moto G 2015 Edition will most likely cause a surge of price reduction that will envelop the globe, leaving you happy consumers to take advantage of future deals. Currently, the Moto G 2014 is available at Best Buy and Amazon (both factory unlocked and comes in the color black with 16 GB internal memory and dual SIM functionality). You can avail the deal right now if you wish, but we feel that if you will be rewarded if you wait for the device’s successor to be launched.

6. Asus Zenfone 5

A company who is proficient in making military grade computer components has also tapped in the smartphone market with its Zenfone 5. With the 8 GB model retailing for just $162 at Amazon, it would be a shame if you passed down the opportunity to acquire this dual SIM smartphone for a killer price.

7. Lumia 530

Tired of browsing through Android devices and wanting to go down another road? You’re in luck because Microsoft’s Lumia 530 is currently retailing for $95 at Amazon, making it a ‘no brainer’ purchase. The phone is currently available in the color black.

8. Lumia 635

Another Windows phone that will provide you will all the features you need and won’t break your back account doing so is the Lumia 635. Carrying an off-contract price of $99 (available in white), the Lumia 635’s fluid Windows Mobile OS will leave you thoroughly satisfied.

9. Moto E

Motorola’s forte lies is the best budget smartphone category, as another one of its offerings falls in to the round-off. While the Moto E might not be as powerful as the Moto G, its $119.99 off-contract price tag will definitely look good in your pocket. Best of all, you get 3G connectivity with it.

10. Sony Xperia M2

Shifting away from the company’s expensive flagship devices, the Xperia M2’s $237.99 off-contract is an acceptable deal for users coveting the aesthetics and functionality of an Xperia device. With that price, you will be eligible for 4G connectivity, which is more than what you could ask for when a sub-$250 is what you are looking for.

Among various smartphones available from different vendors, we have recorded the 10 best cheapest smartphones to look out for in 2015. Some of them are yet to be released, which only makes us and most probably you, highly anticipated for their release. Members here at GSM Reviews always have a need to keep a back up or second smartphone which is cheaper than other sets like for sure. Especially when they have smartphones like iPhone6/iPhone6 Plus or Samsung Galaxy Note 4, etc.

We are excited about a few to grab in 2015! Do you have a favorite from the above listed affordable smartphones? Or do you believe you can name a smartphone that can fit the best cheapest smartphones category other than the ones we have discussed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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