Top 7 Apple iPhone 6 Accessories for Crazy Apple Lovers

These days, owning Apple’s larger screen iPhone 6 is just not good enough to help you unlock the true functionality potential of your iOS device or simply, make it look aesthetically appealing from the rest of the crowd. This is why the accessories have become the ‘add-on’ norm for smartphones and tablets. They exhibit additional functionality or boast much better looks that you wouldn’t normally get with a regular iPhone 6 out of the box. Here are seven accessories to get the most of your iPhone 6.

1. Trianium Atomic S iPhone 6 3,100 mAh Battery Case  

All smartphone operating systems are notorious for draining battery life, and despite how helpful they are for users, battery life is still one department where device manufacturers are yet to tackle fast charge drainage. However, 3rd party companies have managed to alleviate the battery drainage woes experienced by customers. One such company is Trianium. The company’s 3,100 mAh battery attaches to the iPhone 6 like a regular smartphone case and provides up to 14 hours of talk time, in addition to the battery life stemming from the 1,810 mAh of the device’s own battery. Sure, it might not be as beefy as the iPhone 6 Plus’s 2,915 mAh, but by adding $59.95, you’ll have a beefier iPhone 6. For us, that price is surely worth hassle of fast battery drainage.

2. Aerb Premium Ballistic Nano 0.2mm Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Apple’s withdrawal of adding sapphire glass to its iPhone 6 will cause numerous problems for iPhone 6 owners. While its screen is scratch and impact resistant, any force that is higher than the rated value of the screen will render the iPhone 6 screen scratched or in the worst case scenario, completely shattered and beyond repair. Replacing the screen does not cost peanuts either so if you want to avoid a heartache to your mind and your wallet, shedding a meagre $10.99 on a military grade screen protector will save you the exorbitant cost in the future. Just keep in mind not to be too adventurous with your phone and keep it safe at all times.

3. SanDisk Connect 64GB Wireless Flash Drive

One of the biggest disadvantages of owning an iPhone 6; no expandable storage capabilities. Companies like SanDisk have found a way past this limitation and it comes in the form of a 64 GB wireless flash drive. The flash drive will allow you to wirelessly connect your laptops and iPhone 6 and transfer data around both devices effortless. Best of all, it will go easy on your wallet. For the price of $69.99, you will be granted 64GB of additional storage. If you want extra flexibility and are willing to sacrifice extra space and the total capacity, the I-USBKey (32GB for $109.99) is also a resourceful option.

4. IVAPO Universal 4 in 1 camera lens kit

Are you an iPhone image and video taking connoisseur but you aren’t getting what you’re snapping from the iPhone 6’s original shooter? The IVAPO 4 in 1 camera lens kit allows you to improve your photography and video taking skills on your mobile device and up your game to a whole new level. For the price of $18.99, you will be getting the following.

  1. Fish eye lens
  2. Wide angle lens
  3. Macro lens
  4. CPL lens

Each lens is designed to improve your image taking potential in a given scenario or environment so shedding a few bucks on a camera kit is a very worthy upgrade in our opinion.

5. Ubest Qi Wireless Charging Receiver

Tired of plugging in your iPhone 6 all the time? Now you won’t have to. With the Ubest Qi wireless charging receiver, you will be able to provide juice to your iPhone 6 ‘without any strings attached’. For the price of $13.95, the receiver can easily be attached to the charging port of the mobile device. Keep in mind that in order to actually start wirelessly charging your device, you will need to purchase a wireless charging pad such as the Koolpad Qi Wireless Charger Pad, which will set you back by another $19.99.

6. 7 in 1 Accessory Kit

The ultimate accessory kit for the iPhone 6 user. While Apple’s products are known to carry a painfully high price tag, the 7 in 1 accessory kit will only cost you $16.99, and will include the following items.

  1. Apple-Certified Lightning Cable 3.3FT / 100% Compatible with iOS 8
  2. USB Power Adapter 5W
  3. USB Car Adapter
  4. Earbuds with Remote and Microphone
  5. Ultra-Sensitive Stylus
  6. Clear HD Screen Guard with Microfiber cleaning cloth
  7. Slim TPU Gel Case for iPhone 6

7. Maxboost Electron Plus 15000mAh battery pack

There are several external battery packs available at every corner, but we doubt that any of them would cost as less as the MaxBoost’s offering, which costs a friendly $32.99 but offers a quick charge feature will tons of battery time left. Featuring a charging port that delivers 2.1 amperes in one port and 1.0 amperes in the other, the external battery pack will do your bidding for you efficiently.

Combining the best possible products that are not only helpful but go easy on your bank account and what do you get? 7 great accessories that go with your iPhone 6. Personally, our favorite picks were the Trianium Atomic S battery case, the Aerb Premium Ballistic Nano screen protector and last but certainly not least the wireless flash drive from SanDisk. Which ones happen to be the product that you require the most? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Till then, happy shopping.

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