Trending Apple iPhone X Casings in 2018

Let’s talk about the elephant in every room after the expensive purchase of your all new iPhone X. How to accessorize it? The key accessory to every iPhone is the casing to go with it as everyone would want to protect an expensive phone like that at least as long as for the next model to reach the markets.

Now the thing about the most trending iPhone back cases or covers of 2018 there are some special characteristics that it consists of. Most people look for the economical way to protect their phone with a cover that not bulky, shields the front and back glass and at the same time is elegant so that the iPhone doesn’t lose its touch. The cover doesn’t necessarily need to be crafted from hard materials, a soft TPU covering will work. For a cushion fortification the lips of the frame should be at least 0.4mm higher than the rest of the cover while, the frame around the camera should be higher by 0.5mm to avoid scratching the lens. An excellent choice for a sturdy impact back case is a case that provides heavy duty protection such as the Luxury Woven Casing. In just $11.99 this cover can offer you an array of elegant collection of woven soft material with multiple colors and a flexible body. This casing is available for all iPhone models including Apple iPhone 6, 6S, 7, 8 and Plus models.

Now, for people who are the lord of butterfingers, you need cases that can offer front and back 360° protection something similar to the 360° Super Protect that shields your iPhone X completely. There are two chunks to this cover, the front piece to guard the front camera, flash and the screen with a raised border and a tempered film. And the back piece to protect the speakers, charging slot an enable the tractability of the buttons making them independent. Or for someone who wants to go for something much simpler without actually changing the appearance of your beautiful phone needs to stop hiding it under covers and opt for the clear option available. The Crystal Clear TPU Silicon Case is one of a kind. It offers 10x protection with a clear, shiny surface of a cover that doesn’t fade or pale with time. The back doesn’t scratch like most of the back cases of 2018. More importantly it is shock resilient which means that it can survive your clumsy drops due to the thick edged frame which is easy to install and uninstall.

However, some people just opt for covers and cases for the fun of accessorizing. Someone who simply needs to low-key protect their phone and show it off with a classy cover should either go for the marble style casings or the ultra-thin, super glass finish casing for iPhone X. These both are less impact and more show. While, the Luxury Woven Case is the best-case scenario. It gives your phone more classic look and style. It is less slippery and work perfectly.

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