Try These Best Apple iPhone 6 Plus Cases by OtterBox

OtterBox iPhone 6 Plus Case – Defender SeriesApple iPhone 6 Plus is one of the most selling smartphone and OtterBox has offered good cases to protect your phone. We were researching for best selling covers for iPhone 6 Plus on Amazon and found that OtterBox Defender Series, Commuter Series and Symmetry cases are the top selling ones.

Most of the available Apple iPhone 6 Plus cases does not come with warranty, but authentic OtterBox iPhone 6 Plus case comes with 1 year warranty and OtterBox cases are number 1 selling case in North America. All the OtterBox cases are easy to use and provide 100% protection. Here are some of the best OtterBox cases for iPhone 6 Plus.

OtterBox iPhone 6 Plus Case – Defender Series

Buy Here (Price: $36.54) You Save: $23.41 (39%)

It has over 900 positive 4 star reviews on Amazon from legit buyers. OtterBox Defender series case is available in four different colors. It has 3 layers protection, drop protection, screen protection and dust protection. It has 1 year warranty that covers material and workmanship defects. OtterBox defender series case provides you rugged protection from drops, dirt and bumps. It has belt clip holster useful for hand free media viewing.

This case is one of the top-selling case available in the market for iPhone 6 Plus.

OtterBox iPhone 6 Plus Case – Commuter Series

Buy Here (Price: $28.37) You Save: $16.58 (37%)

OtterBox commuter series is very famous as it is cheaper than the defender series. The only difference is that it has two layer protections as compared to defender series, and does not have built-in screen protection. It is light weight and slimmer than the defender series. It doesn’t have a holster clip, but has a slim and smart feel. It has over 400 positive reviews on Amazon receiving 4.5 stars rating out of 5.

OtterBox iPhone 6 Plus Case – Symmetry Series

Buy Here (Price: $39.76) You Save: $10.19 (20%)

OtterBox symmetry series has slim and smart pocket friendly design to keep your iPhone 6 Plus safe. It has 1 piece design with shock absorbing interior. It also provide your iPhone 6 Plus from drops thanks to dual material construction. It is slim and easy to install without hassle. It does not have dust protection, screen protection and a holster like defender series.

Which OtterBox Casing to Buy for iPhone 6 Plus?

We have used all the three OtterBox cases defender series, commuter series and symmetry series. The best one is the defender series because it has three layer of protection. Here you can see the difference between the three cases.

Defender Series Commuter Series Symmetry Series
Drop Protection Yes Yes Yes
Scratch Protection Yes Yes Yes
Dust Protection Yes Yes No
Screen Protection Yes Yes No
Slim Profile No Yes Yes
Included Holster Yes No No

All the three OtterBox cases are good, but it depends on your choice which one you should buy. The best value for money is Defender series case.

OtterBox Defender Series (Buy from Amazon 100% original)

OtterBox Commuter Series (Buy from Amazon 100% original)

OtterBox Symmetry Series (Buy from Amazon 100% original)

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