Try this Powerful Apple iPhone 6 Battery Case by Otterbox

Apple iPhone 6 Battery Case by OtterBox Are you a pro user who can’t live without your Apple iPhone 6? Try this iPhone 6 battery case by Otterbox to extend the life of your iPhone. If you are planning to party all night and record videos continuously while using your mobile data package, you will surely run out of battery within few hours. You cannot keep your iPhone 6 charger all the time with you. You cannot also carry battery pack and a wire all the time with you to charge your Apple iPhone 6 battery.

Thanks to OtterBox Resurgence Series Case for iPhone 6, you never have to worry about low battery sign because this powerful iPhone 6 battery gives you the power of carrying two batteries in one iPhone. OtterBox Resurgence Series case for iPhone 6 comes in four different vibrant colors to match with your taste.

OtterBox Resurgence Series Case for iPhone 6

Price: $99.95 (Buy from Amazon)

OtterBox is number one accessory maker of North America for iPhone devices and this battery case is one example of their work. This casing comes with 2,600 mAh battery that doubles the iPhone 6 battery. There is auto stop charging feature that allows you to save power for later. The LED indicator displays the power of the battery case so that you know how much battery is remaining or charged. And the best thing about the casing is that you don’t have to worry about dropping your iPhone because this casing is MIL grade tested.

Features of iPhone 6 Battery Case

  • It gives two times the battery life to your iPhone 6
  • Auto stop charge saves power that you can use later
  • Military grade tested to protect your iPhone 6 from damage and drop
  • High speed charging that will help you saves time
  • 1 Year warranty and 100% authentic casing

OtterBox is one of the most trusted brand in manufacturing smartphone protection cases and all their products comes with 1 year warranty and excellent customer services.

We tested the OtterBox Resurgence Series Case for iPhone 6 and it is very much useful, practical and light weight. The best thing about the casing is that you don’t need any extra battery pack or charger because this casing will give your iPhone 6 protection as well as charging for your iPhone 6 battery.

This casing is available in four colors; Black, Cardinal (Slate Grey/Scarlet Red), Glacier (White/Gunmetal Grey) and Mint Ice (White/Sage Green). The best choice would be black and cardinal, but it depends on your choice.

Buy from Amazon

There are other cheaper options are also available, but they are not under warranty and they might damage your iPhone 6 battery as well.

Authenticated Battery Case for iPhone 6

If you are buying the case, you are protected because it is 100% authentic product. There are few products that might damage your battery because they are not compatible with iPhone 6.

It is also advised to check and verify before buying that the product is original. All the products sold on Amazon are authentic and shipped in USA, Canada and in UK.

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You can read our other articles for iPhone 6 battery cases. If you are using any other battery case, please leave your comments and experience in the comment section below.

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