Was Apple the One that Went too Far or are There Others?

Following Apple’s recent global apology for slowing down its smartphones in order to increase the life of their battery, succeeding smartphone manufacturers have also given their statements in regard to this issue. Though Samsung and LG has agreed that they have also taken steps to delay the crisis of an aging battery, those actions are far than similar of what Apple is accused of. They have insistently denied inducted any software in the system that may have throttled CPU performance of their phones. This clearly indicates that whatever cult Apple practices isn’t typical market behavior.

Samsung and LG’s original responses surfaced the social media a day or so after Motorola and HTC confirmed that they too do not employ any exercises that may hinder or reduce the system performance of their phones. These firms unitedly agree on the same thing that they actually care what their customers think of them which Apple has repeatedly claimed but forgotten to do so. The distrust however, remains that though succeeding firms may not have employed such practices that reduce a phone’s functioning but was that because what Apple did just did not occur to them? After all Apple is not the brains of the industry for no reason. Or was it because the difference between an ethical and unethical decision still concerns the rest of the industry?

It is quite possible that Apple is not the nemesis here, since the technique it is using is actually a better battery sustentation method and iPhones do last longer than other phones don’t them? Nevertheless, if other renowned companies chiefly Samsung, Motorola and LG were able to avoid the crisis that an aging battery generates without disappointing their loyal customers couldn’t Apple too? Maybe it was just that Apple failed in the transparency of the whole matter.

The elephant in the room still vestiges now that it doesn’t seem that Apple is planning on stopping its practices anytime soon. Will a large loyal population just shift to other secondary smartphones and sacrifice their ultimate goal of using an iPhone or have they come up with an alternative? The best yet and not quite intelligent alternative that has been heard by our thorough research of forums is that users are planning to stop upgrading their phones. IPhone users too hastily jump to conclusions and call it a conspiracy but so did the Samsung users when the Note 7 conspiracy was unleashed surprising thousands of users when a flagship model came out faulty. But in case of iPhone we have not yet reached the conclusion that whether the reason stated by Apple was valid or was it merely a ruse to convince the thousands at the other end of the court.

Believe it or not there are some loyal users that would still consider iPhone over an Android, but it is impossible to judge them because Android users played a rebound game with Samsung too as soon as S8 and Note 8 hit the markets. Just because Apple hasn’t been able to come up with a better solution may sow the seeds of doubt into our minds that will send Steve Jobs shaking in his grave. But hopefully in the future Apple will not need dissatisfying adjustments to increase endurance. Until then we can all happily use other flagships that we hear have amazing features and guess what? Their battery policy is stabilized.

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