What would be the Future of BlackBerry?

In a press release issued by BlackBerry today 12 August, BlackBerry board of directors has formed a committee to explore new strategic alternatives. They will be looking for possible options of alliance, joint ventures or even sale of company. This is not a surprise because BlackBerry is continuously losing its share in the cell phone market.

There is an improvement in BlackBerry share with the launch of BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Q5 earlier this year. BlackBerry fans might be disappointed with the news because it may decrease the value of new handsets in the market. Previously, HTC was experiencing poor sales revenue from previous years and now BlackBerry is looking for possible alternatives.

Seems like, Apple and Samsung is going to outrun the competition by their strong media campaigns. BlackBerry handsets lacked innovation as compared to iOS and Android. Users had troubled using applications on BlackBerry OS as compared to Android and iOS.

It is expected that new range of BlackBerry phones might lift the sales volume and market share for BlackBerry. BlackBerry Z30 is the most anticipated handsets amongst the new Blackberry smart phones. It may change the company’s decision of selling the most of the shares or going into an alliance with other companies. However, BlackBerry will look forward to have new developments to compete in fast paced market of Android and iOS.


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