Why Apple Did Not Use Sapphire Glass on its iPhone 6 Smartphones

Before Apple was going to launch its current flagship smartphones, there were a lot of speculations hinting that the tech giant was going to incorporate sapphire glass to the screen, camera lens and home button on its iPhones for added layers of protection. Seeing as how sapphire glass is the second hardest material on the planet (falling short only to diamond), it would only be fitting if the next iPhones would comprise up of sapphire glass.

Apple iphone 6 sapphire glass

However, according to a news post published by the Wall Street Journal, the company that was responsible for supplying Apple with the necessary amount of sapphire glass had filed for bankruptcy. GT Advanced Technologies, the company immersed in making synthetic sapphire sheets for iPhones had filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11, a clause that would protect their assets and allow them to continue their day to operations uninterrupted. As of September 28th, GTAT only had $85 million in cash remaining.

One of the primary reasons why Apple did not end up incorporating sapphire glass in to its iPhones was due to production issues. GTAT had never supplied sapphire glass on a massive scale and its very first sample comprised up of a sapphire block that had a mass of 262 kg. While the most resourceful option was to press forward and start making synthetic forms of sapphire through a cutting process, the block of sapphire turned out to be extremely volatile.

The company starting exhausting nearly all of its financial resources by adding a phalanx of employees to its staff list. The newly hired personnel well not well versed with the industry and as a result, started displaying incompetency by slacking off and recycling sapphire bricks rather than shipping them. It was only a matter of time before GTAT’s finances would run out, leaving the company virtually penniless. Perhaps we might bear witness to an iPhone that will actually possess a sapphire glass in the near future. Will Apple stick to its original sapphire glass plan? Let us know your thoughts.

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