Xiaomi is Planning to Take on Apple iPhone Users

Xiaomi is Planning to Take on Apple iPhone Users

Xiaomi is known as the Apple of China and it is becoming one of the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Last year, Xiaomi received a lot of success and they tripled their handsets to 61.1 million. Xiaomi has already introduced a competitor to Apple iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro. It comes with 5.7 inch screen 1440 x 2560 HD screen resolution and a 64-bit Octa-Core processor by Qualcomm “snapdragon 810” and 4GB RAM.

Xiaomi is now working on targeting iPhone users by introducing dual SIM Xiaomi Mi Note Pro with an option of Micro and Nano SIM. It supports both Micro and Nano SIM, which makes it easier for iPhone users to make a switch. There are reports that company is developing an app for Apple App store to easily sync contacts and data from Apple iPhone to Xiaomi devices.

Xiaomi is also going to start a trade-in program where people can easily replace their iPhone devices with Xiaomi handset. If someone is going to switch from iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, they will get the new Xiaomi Mi Note Pro for free. However, this offer is not yet confirmed officially by Xiaomi.

We are expecting to see Xiaomi domination on Smartphone industry. On the other hand, Samsung is also worried about dropping profits. Apple will be facing a tough time in coming years in Asian markets, but their share will remain strong in USA as stated in the report published earlier.


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